[Sun] 23th September 2018 (Court Martial For Costno)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 23th September 2018 (Court Martial For Costno)

Post by SuicideKing » Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:44 pm

13 volunteers joined the many fights of the day, starting with a successful romp through the jungle...in which Costno did nothing wrong...allegedly... :cop:

  1. fa3_c20_lost_sector_120120_v2
  2. fa3_cz25_shield_and_sword_v3
  3. fa3_c39_hornets_nest_v10
  4. fa3_c16_combat_evolved_LASO_v4
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Finally, as Comrade Netkev pointed out a couple of weeks ago, we raised money to help the UNHCR!

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Re: [Sun] 23th September 2018 (Court Martial For Costno)

Post by NikkoJT » Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:39 am

[Sun] 23th September

Lost Sector: 120120 (A1 RAT)
For me, this was quite ordinary. Wandered through the woods, shot some mans, heard someone shoot the squad leader, blew up a jeep...the usual.
For GeEom, also quite ordinary: he caught a single silent bullet in the first 2 minutes of combat. Rest in peace.

Shield & Sword (F3 gunner)
Fox 3 spent a large part of this mission sitting watching a flank. It was a very nice flank in that the enemy didn't come through it, but it made things a little uneventful. Luckily, we were eventually moved to another location where we were able to spot and destroy several enemy vehicles - including a Slammer that ate approximately seven APFSDS and HEAT rounds, and just kept on trucking.

Hornets' Nest (Medic)
Combat medic is right! As one of the last survivors of a jumbled, poorly-coordinated city assault, I ended up shooting a lot of people in the face. I'm proud of myself, not least because none of them were friendlies. Despite the "inconclusive" ending, I think we can all agree that this was a solid victory for the art of marksmanship.

Combat Evolved (LASO) (Medic)
This one wasn't as deadly as I'd hoped for a half-strength run. Adjustments will need to be made...
Shado went about a minute before picking up enemy gear. He was shot soon afterwards, and quite rightly too.
Despite the loss of most of our commanders, and several encounters with enemies who could see through walls, we pulled off a quite respectable sweep-and-clear for the finish. Shout out to SK for joining with me to make a hybrid MMG/ASL team that turned out to be unexpectedly effective at clearing buildings.

And on one final note, if you haven't tried enabling the Aiming Deadzone control option - I recommend it! It seems a little weird at first, but I found it improved my aim.
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Re: [Sun] 23th September 2018 (Court Martial For Costno)

Post by Aqarius » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:35 am

Lost Sector: 120120 (ASL)
A relatively smooth advance, for Tanoa at least. I really like that part of terrain. Too bad I was shot in the back by my own people.

Shield & Sword (CO)
I swear to god the AI is braindead. Still, some nice tank bounding and overwatch. FOX2 got unlucky, but the rest of us made it out fine.

Hornets' Nest (A1FTL)
You know it's gonna be a good one when your only IFV dies 2 minutes in. How we got to the town without the technicals murdering us I'll never know. Remember kids, smoking is good for you!

Combat Evolved (ASL)
This one goes out to MMG. After Netkev shot me, I jumped to spectator and could literally see where the MMG was moving by the lines of glowing pink bodies.

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