[Tue] 05 Mar 2019 (Airborne Success)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 05 Mar 2019 (Airborne Success)

Post by Lexer » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:15 am

Thank you to the 16 comrades who came along to this session featuring the rare double-host (because poor Madrak was bitten by BIS's inability to test things properly). We first had great success romping through the fields of Malden in LSVs, blowing up caches and shooting bad guys, while our AH rained down death from above.We then headed to Altis and did some aerial leapfrogging between windmills, destroying CSAT vehicles from a far with our superior RPG skills. Finally we rushed to secure a downed C-130 but CSAT beat us there. All seemed lost when a single Marid destroyed most of our forces, but the day was saved when Ciaran (the hero of our story) swooped in, grabbed the data from Netkev's still-warm hands and got away as the only surviving member of the attack force.

  • Over The Hills And Far Away
  • Tilting at Windmills (North)
  • Mail Man (Extended)

Be sure to check out the R3 Mission Replay System where all of tonight's missions (direct links above) have been faithfully recorded, and can be relived over-and-over again for years to come.

Also leave any feedback for our wonderful mission makers in #mission_feedback on DIscord, or the appropriate forum thread.

Notice some people had fancy Folk ARPS patches on their arms and vehicles. Get yours today! Also talk to a host today to get one on TS as well!

Always wanted some FA swag? Well now you can! Head over here to learn about the Party's new t-shirts, made from 100% Comrade-ness.

One last thing! If you would like to contribute to the server fund that allows FA to keep running sessions, you can utilise the Party's new and improved organ donation service (powered by Stripe), or PayPal your last grubby potato to server-fund@folkarps.com.
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