[Tue] 07 May 2019 (CIWS Wizardry)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 07 May 2019 (CIWS Wizardry)

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A fantastic 15 players came to session and we played the following wonderful missions:
  1. Shakedown Cruise
  2. Lost Sector: Charkia-Dorida
  3. RLT - Part 1
  4. Inter IV
Remember to check out our lovely audio-visual information registry over at this here place!

As well as that there is of course our good friend The R3 Mission Replay Sysetm, which knows if you've been bad or if you've been nice. The recordings themselves are really freaking neat-o and demonstrate just how easy it is not to see someone behind bushes.

Lettuce not forget the Leadership Programme which is for everyone that wants to learn how to CO, but don't want to kill everyone in the process.

And if you want to be recognizably folk-y and have the little tractor on your shoulder or on the side of your IFV then you can sign up on the squad tag today! It's totally free!
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Re: [Tue] 07 May 2019 (CIWS Wizardry)

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