[Sun] 28 February 2021 (Suited and Booted!)

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[Sun] 28 February 2021 (Suited and Booted!)

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A well dressed 17 people came along to this evenings session, we all made sure to put our finest suits on for this evenings entertainment and what entertainment it was!

For an aperitif we enjoyed a firefight in the Northern hills of Malden, "supported" by our Nyx team.Things were going really well up until the command element and the Nyx were surgically removed from the AO by a super sneaky GMG Hunter! But Bravo decided to stop drinking in the socially distanced bar and joined the fray and help us to a glorious victory!

Our second missions saw us put our snappy suits on and go ane "make" some money! Thing went better than we could have hoped, with no casualties and lots of money in the bank! It was a surprise to us all, and it sadly meant we had to split our take 17 ways :(.

Our third mission turned out to be a bit of an epic meatgrinder affair, with quite a few firefights all across the AO and a slow march towards the final objective aided admirably by the arrival of our IFV and A2 to support our tired troops! However through adversity we succeeded in getting the data and only "minimal" casualties.

The next GM session is in March!

Today we did:
  • Firefight Chauve Foothills [Co-op]
  • Give Nothing Back [Co-op]
  • Salvage Highway [Co-op Zeus]
  • House Rules C [Afterparty]
  • House Rules B [Afterparty]
All players are reminded that it's best to not shoot friendlies.

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You can review the missions we played tonight to improve your combat effectiveness score, using our R3 Mission Replay System. Remember, the Party is always watching! And so are your friends. From the grave. Where you put them. You monster.

If you would like to get some help with becoming an excellent leader :commissar: why not check out the Leadership Programme? This will let you get direct access to a host who will be happy* to guide you through commanding a mission, especially if you have a cruel and devious plan.

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