Getting started with DCS & Lock On

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Getting started with DCS & Lock On

Post by Headspace » Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:00 pm

What is the DCS/LOMAC area of Folk for, exactly?
This section of Folk is for subject matter related to DCS, Lock On: Modern Air Combat and other games in the flight sim genre. Basically, if it involves using a joystick to fly something around inside a game, chances are it would belong here unless it's specifically ArmA related.

Can we talk about / play other flight sims here?
Absolutely, yes. By no means should it be limited to the DCS games—we welcome players of Falcon 4, IL-2, and other games as well. The flight sim genre on the PC has been sparse for close to a decade, and we've had very few games to really dig our teeth into. This is in contrast to the late 90s, when everyone and their mother were releasing flight sims. While I would like to maintain a DCS focus, there is nothing that says we cannot organize online games for other flight sims.

What are the rules here? What if I want to invite someone to play DCS with me here?
The invite rules for this area of folk are the same whether you play in the ArmA area or this area. You can learn about what folk is and how invites work here.

So, what is the Folk squadron and are there ranks?
There is no Folk squadron and there are no ranks. There is no such thing as a “designated flight lead” in our community, or any other mil-sim trappings that are typically seen in many other groups who play these games. Simply put, many of us find that mil-sim culture tends to be antithetical to the concept of a bunch of like minded, mature individuals hanging out and gaming together and is thus unnecessary to further that goal.

But DCS/IL-2/(Insert name here) isn't a game! It's a simulation!
There's no questioning that some of the newer sims are quite advanced, but we prefer to take a realistic approach to things here. DCS is an advanced game, but a game nonetheless. Until the FAA lets us log sim time in DCS, we treat it as a game. Low-friction gaming is, after all, part of our culture. Whether you are a pilot in real life or have never before played a flight sim is irrelevant to how we view people around here. However, if you think you can help out with your level of knowledge, feel free--these are complicated games! :eng101:

When is the regular DCS session?
The regular DCS session is on Fridays at 6 PM EST / 11 PM GMT.

That is late. Any Euro based times available?
We are trying to get some more regular euro session going. Hit people up on Skype or propose a date in this forum.

Where can I find info on how to setup Teamspeak for these sessions?
This says it is for ArmA but we also use this for the flyboys as well. See this link for info. ... p?f=6&t=92