[Sun] 12 Jun 2016 (Coastal Chaos)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 12 Jun 2016 (Coastal Chaos)

Post by AJAX »

Well, thanks to all that came out today for our games.
We had quit a nice long session of pretty challenging missions with some unexpected endings.

Main Session:
Feint Parry Riposte


As always, comments are most welcome below. Also, if you have a nice story be sure to tell it. Videos are always much appreciated, and will be appropriated by our propaganda departement if you tell us about them.

If you think commanding seems like fun, yet hesitate because you worry that you won't come up with a reasonable plan on such short notice, then check out our leadership programme.

If you want to test out an updater/launcher for all your mod needs look no further than our Comrade head's marvellous contraption.

Did you notice that some vehicles/players had way cool FA Tractors on them tonight? That's because of the power of our squad tags. Get yours whilst stocks last.

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Re: [Sun] 12 June 2016 (Coastal Chaos)

Post by GeEom »

Had a lot of fun today, enjoyed the adversarial density!

Fer's ending burst in Escape (tracers in window will kill me!)
Kas weathering the storm in Surfs Up (He stands alone, center bottom screen, the rest of everyone against him, upper)

Ajax I'll try and get your rendition of pulp fiction (with voices) on youtube sometime soon :)

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Re: [Sun] 12 June 2016 (Coastal Chaos)

Post by ZeCatnip »

Well, tonight was a marvelous session, great missions, great people, great time.

Escape from Chelonisi
First time playing this mission from the non-prisoner side, much different experience. The balance between rushing the bridge and eliminating the guards really stands out from the attackers perspective. Any charge across the bridge is dangerous, but waiting too long endangers the prisoners. I love the mission planners use of terrain in this scenario, it really makes you ponder the right time to make a move.

Surfs Up
Always one of my favorite adversarial's, if only because I usually live a little longer than usual. I usually end up defending during this mission, so it was a pleasant change to attack. Very nice concept. While I do think that the use of UAV's is a difficult one in terms of balancing, I really enjoyed the use of comm's between the UAV spotters and the troops on the ground, pivoting to take care of flanking units and the such like. It really added good amount of tension to the adversarial.

Feint Parry Riposte
I think of all the roles in ARMA, I enjoy AT the most. There is something wonderful about turning millions of dollars of equipment into a metal ball of scrap. It's also interesting to observe these kind of missions from a support role. I was mostly unaware of the flow of the mission apart from being called to turn vehicles into scrap, so watching the troops move on the battle map and through a viewfinder gives you an interesting insight into how things are going. It appears that things did not go so well. Died trying to lock on to a Kuma at the airfield, it's the only way from a HAT'er to go out. HAT is love, HAT is life.

I really hope someone got some good footage of this one as this was a FolkARPS classic. I went out in the mid game, but this was one of those where it's better to spectate and see the madness unfold.

GeEom, I apologize, but you did walk directly into my bullets on this one. Apart from that it was a pretty confused affair.

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Re: [Sun] 12 Jun 2016 (Coastal Chaos)

Post by Kasmeister »


^ that was in surfs up, i was on the defending side under AJAXs command in A2. The UAV operator reported sight of hostiles moving to south from our position, so the MMG element and two guys from A2, me and Thomas, were sent to a bunker south west from the surfer house with orders to remain as stealthy as possible. We left the MMG guys on the bunker as we moved a bit east to cover the beach. I found a brilliant position on a rock, and thomas bunkered up on the short almost touching the water. At one point the UAV operator told us we had enemies literally behind the rock i was hiding on. I threw a grenade over the rock and waited a little bit more. Then i saw an almost full fireteam walk by me, not even noticing me. I managed to take them all down.
Fast forward a few minutes and few magazines, i see the remains of the enemy retreating behind a hill. Every surfer that was still alive started pursuing them as i started looting corpses for ammo. Two minutes later i finish off one of the two last alive NATO with a sweet MX rifle with a 3GL. Last guy was killed by someone else and we win.

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Re: [Sun] 12 Jun 2016 (Coastal Chaos)

Post by fer »

Feint Parry Riposte

Zodial SL: Fer
|- Z1 FTL: Arc
|- Z2 FTL: GeEom

Zodiac squad, along with the engineers, was tasked with assaulting the docks south of the airport, clearing the cargo container yard and destroying some CSAT supplies. To our north-east, comrade CO Ferrard Carson's main (mechanised) force would keep any land-based reinforcements from reaching the docks - but for the assault itself we were effectively on our own (and with 2 x 5-man FTs, not the full 6-man versions). However, we started in a pair of assault boats, which pack a hell of a punch.

If you look at the docks and cargo container area on the map, it looks like a backwards L-shape with 3 piers sticking out of the base. My plan was very simple: sail up to a point a few hundred metres form the piers, check - and if necessary bombard - any pickets on the waterside, and then rush in a full speed to the western-most corner of the docks. Thereupon Z1 would create a BOF whilst Z2 cleared the buildings in the horizontal part of the 'L', after which both fireteams would work together to clear what would be a straightforward squad-sized corridor shooter up through the container yard. Finally, when the yard was secure, the engineers would destroy the CSAT supplies with explosives.

And that's pretty much exactly what happened, with no loss of life on our side.


Kudos to my FTLs - all I really did was number the buildings / micro-objectives and give them corridors to work in. From there on out it was effectively bounding with overwatch: one team moved, the other covered. Against AI in that area - and with Alpha providing us with security - all we needed to do was take it slow and steady: never letting anyone, or any FT, get to a position where it couldn't be covered / smoked by the other. Maybe a bit boring, but I'm a graduate of the ST 'movement without fires is suicide' school of amateur SLing!

Afterwards, we joined the line for comrade CO Ferrard Carson's Western Front style assault across the open field. After putting as much smoke into the field as I could, I ran towards the enemy saying "If I had a whistle right now, I'd blow it!". And then something blew my head off.

Good times :v:

A Town Divided


Really simple plan: we pay in land, they pay in blood, and everything should end up with a concerted defence of our truck.

I only had two FTs, an ASL element and my own CO element, so I strung them all out in a line that wasn't right on the riverbed, but gave us some visibility of all the likely crossing points. The orders were to engage the enemy as they crossed, then fall back towards our truck to create an even tighter defensive formation. It was basically the Soviets' tactic against the Germans during the first half of WW2, only with no snow. Or tanks. And at tiny distances. And really only vaguely the same.

Anyway, it half-worked, until comrade Peasant - working for the evil comrade Ferrard Carson - managed to sneak in (executing comrade darkChozo and myself along the way), and steal our truck from right under the nose of comrade AJAX. Then hilarity ensued, as my surviving guys failed to shoot Peasant through the windscreen, were run over, and then still managed to intercept him on the enemy side of the river and cause him to crash into a tree (and die). After that, there were more shenanigans, but our boys managed to liberate the enemy hatchback and drive it to freedom.


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Re: [Sun] 12 Jun 2016 (Coastal Chaos)

Post by Boarnoah »

Surfs Up
Indfor Alpha Medic
We had a very accurate picture of blufor's movements the entire way through, unfortunately so did they. I was sniped off the technical's gun almost as soon as the shooting started (damn it I'm a medic what do I know of heavy machine guns :P ).

It was interesting to see Kas and Thomas were able to hold off two squads worth of infantry, goes to show how important positioning is. Smart move to move them so close to the infantry, gives the all seeing UAV a harder time separating blobs of infantry from the FLIR views.

Kas sitting within grenade throw range of the blufor squads

Feint Parry Riposte
Excellent mission, just the right mix of complexity in terms of objectives. Lovely land to invade, got to see the combine advisor pods CSAT supplies blow up nice and prettily. Ajax and GeEom did their pulp fiction impression, almost like a picnic till the charge across that field :shock:

GeEom conducting an interrogation, it didn't end well for our prisoner

A Town Divided
A2 Explosively angry person
We got a little lost getting to our house, had to retreat back to the car almost immediately to consolidate the lines. Remaining team arranged themselves in a line across the road from the truck. I was right next to it with a decent vantage point. Somehow didn't see Peasant sneak in till he started driving away :oops: , if it weren't for Rawdog getting the driver with a well placed shot and our mad dash through town we would have lost that.
My vantage point to the truck, Peasant confirmed Solid Snake

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Re: [Sun] 12 Jun 2016 (Coastal Chaos)

Post by darkChozo »

Here's a video of that ridiculous run of a A Town Divided. Peasant's miraculous GTA is at about 12:45:

And here's the definitely-not-doomed final infantry charge from FPR:

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Re: [Sun] 12 Jun 2016 (Coastal Chaos)

Post by Peasant »

Surf's up FIA ASL (actually drove the technical)
The irony was, Kas sneaking up on that rock meant we couldn't engage said rock with the .50, because I couldn't work out who was who on the rock face, so we got sniped by blufor's mmg. Well done Kas and Thomas

Feint!Parry!Riposte CV commander marshals cannot fight tanks. specially tanks hiding behind bushes. (possibly with thermals)

A town divided NATO ASL
Probe v defence in depth. Defence in depth won. There were some seriously ridiculous moments in that match. My particular favourites were when Fidel Donson wandered in to that little shack and I gunned him down and left him to bleed out. (I could hear him running in) popping my head around the corner of the shack and bullets just coming out of seemingly nowhere(i spotted none of you) and then somehow sneaking up on the pickup. Then running over Grumpy, who was presumably attempting to find me in my spot. I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for Rawdog.

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