[Sun] 2 May 2021 (Thunder! Thunder! Thunderstorm!)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 2 May 2021 (Thunder! Thunder! Thunderstorm!)

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An interpid 21 survivors joined us this evening for a fine session of ArmA, as is always the case!

Today, we confidently went in to stop some nerve gas experiments only to find that missiles can still hit us even with a plan because sight-lines are thing! our second mission saw Bravo Vic do a significant amount of aggressive engagement, both with the HMG and on foot (orders were mostly followed) and out aggression was rewarded (probably with a LOT of luck involved). And in the face of many roadblocks we kept our heads high and pushed on through to VICTORY! Our third mission went "interestingly", we successfully sneaked our way mostly towards the HVT, only to have an unknown player accidentally kill the friendly journalist (And thE HVT) which angered somebody important because we found ourselves surrounded from all directions leading to the inevitable TOTAL FAILURE! our Hish Speed Low Drag mission became a bit High Speed High Drag sadly for most of the team, while the team who ABANDONED US! did ok for the most part until death.

The next GM session is in May

Today we did:
  • Thunderstorm [Co-op]
  • Salvage Highway[Co-op Zeus]
  • Hit Piece [Co-op]
  • HSLD(II) [Co-op]
  • Minecraft [Afterparty]
  • Rally: Oreokastro [Afterparty]
All players are reminded that it's best to drive with caution.

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