Tools to assist you in the revolution

If you do not have the Western Sahara and Reaction Forces CDLCs, you'll need to install their free compatibility packs and load them as mods.

Mods listed below are not required, but can be used. You can choose to use all, some, or none of them. Mods not listed below cannot be used, as the server runs a whitelist, and will not let you connect.

Available through Steam Workshop

  • Community Base Addons - required for most other mods.
  • DUI - Highly recommended for situational awareness. (Replaces, not compatible with, STUI)

Additional Optional Mods

Not on Steam Workshop

  • TAO Fold Map - Allows you to view a quarter-size map on the move.
  • Ciaran's Apex LMG mag fix - Allows you to load 30rnd mags into the Apex LMGs
  • Push-to-hear - Allows you to temporarily lower game sounds on key press
  • FA_gps+(by Head) - Returns the gps to the old ways of a2. DO NOT USE THE STEAM WORKSHOP VERSION.
  • FA_map - Defaults to white contour map instead of terrain map
  • FA_warname(by Head) - changes the names of the in-game weapons to their real life counterparts

For both FA_gps+ and FA_map, the Arma 3 launcher will attempt to unload them when connecting to the server. The mods can in fact be used - just override the launcher by selecting "keep loaded" for each mod.