Playing with FA is simple

Folk ARPS Arma 3 sessions are held every Sunday at 19:20 UK time.

In order to attend, you will need a legitimate copy of Arma 3, and Teamspeak 3. That’s it! We also strongly recommend the Apex and Contact DLCs for Arma 3. You can still come to session without those expansions, but you may have to sit out some missions because of restrictions around the Tanoa and Livonia maps.

While we have some optional mods, FA sessions don’t require any mods to attend. This policy has served us well in ensuring a low-friction, accessible experience for the last decade.

When it comes around to session time, just connect to our Teamspeak server (make sure you’re set to push-to-talk, not voice activation!), connect to the game server, and listen for instructions. The host will let everyone know when it’s time to move channels and what you need to do during setup.

During each session, we’ll play 3-5 standard missions, plus some silly afterparty missions when it gets late. If you die during a mission, don’t panic! Just move up to the Limbo channel in Teamspeak and enjoy some banter with the other casualties while you wait for the next mission, or potentially for a reinforcement re-slot.

Basic guidelines reference

  • The host will mark available slots in red, and call them out. Once slotted, please don’t move.
  • Please keep quiet during the slotting and briefing phases to allow for logistics. Press "/" to open the in-game text chat.
  • Teamspeak is used by team leaders for squad communications. Use the in-game Group and Direct channels to talk to your fireteam.
  • Please don’t loot enemy equipment without instructions. CSAT helmets get shot at!
  • Make sure to read the briefing so you understand the mission.
  • No war crimes, please.
  • Detailed tips and guides can be found in the TTP_FA channel group on our Discord.
  • If you have questions, please feel free to ask!

Server details

Search for “Folk ARPS” in the server browser, or check the #welcome channel on our Discord for specific server information and Teamspeak details. The password is “freedom”.